What We Do

We offer wellness and emergency services, dental and surgical procedures, laser treatments, ultrasounds, digital x-rays, bathing, separate boarding facilities for cats and dogs, and much, much more!

Preventative medicine

Our preventative measures include comprehensive examinations, evaluation of nutrition and weight, blood tests, parasite tests, and vaccinations as needed. Our vaccines include rabies, DHPPLV, FVRCP, feline leukemia, lyme, bordetella, heartworms, and flea and tick issues.

Small Animal Care

We cover a variety of small animals’ care including by not limited to: comprehensive exams, flea/tick/worm prevention, deworming if needed, consultations on small animal health, vaccines or vaccine boosters, testing and screenings for cancers, and overall health discussions.


If your animal is needed for a sugery, we cover that, too, and perform most surgeies in house. Our surgery list includes spay and neuter surgeries, oral/periodontal surgeries, abdominal surgeries, tumor removals, lacerations and abscesses surgery, ear/eye surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

Dental Care

Dentistry for your animals is paramount for good overall health. At our clinic, we cover cleaning procedures, root palning, and tooth polishing. Tooth extractions and other oral surgeries are also procedures we cover as well as consultations about teeth, gum, and pet health.


Our Hooks Pet Clinic includes and in-house and online pharamcy for all your animal pharmaceutical needs. Be sure to check out our Pharmacy page for more information.


Microchips are about the size of a single grain of rice and are transplanted right beneath the skin of the pet. They provide identification for anyone with the ability to check the microchip.  This can be a great way for shelters and other places to reconnect lost animals with their owners.

Lab Work

Lab work is key to diciphering the needs of your small animal and getting to the bottom of what may be major ailments. Our lab works includes but is not limited to radiography, ultrasounds, comprehensive blood testing, and heartworm testing.

Nutritional Consults

We also provide boarding for any pet owners that are going out of town and need a safe, comfortable environment for their pets to stay.


We care and consult skin conditions such as flea allergy dermatitis, atopy (environmental allergy), bacterial diseases, parasitic skin diseases, fungal skin diseases (such as ringworm), food allergies, skin cancer, skin diseases of the foot or nail, seborrhea and acne, alopecia (hair loss), nutritional skin diseases, endocrine and metabolic skin diseases, auto-immune skin diseases, and drug reactions.


We also provide boarding for any pet owners that are going out of town and need a safe, comfortable environment for their pets to stay.

Contact Our Clinic

Don’t see what you are looking for in our services? Don’t stress just yet! We might cover it. Be sure to give us a call or fill it our form on our Contact page to ask us any pressing questions you may have.


From Our Visitors

Doc can’t say enough good things about Hook’s Pet Clinic! He tells me all the time how good they are to him and how much he loves them! Dr Brown and all those sweet girls out there are wonderful and provide the best care around.

Holly Wilson and Doc

Doc and her staff can’t be beat! The care is always the best and they have helped my sweet Sadie so much! I would t go anywhere else ❤️

Phyllis Robey and Sadie

Our pets are important, beloved members of our family. Their healthcare needs are very important to us. We are so pleased to be able to rely upon Dr. Haylee Brown and all of the Hook’s Pet Clinic staff. They are well trained, professionals who genuinely care about providing the best possible care for our pets. From helping us with our Daisy’s birthing puppies and their aftercare to guiding and advising us throughout the final stages of our older, terminally ill dogs’ lives, their empathy, knowledge and care are invaluable comforts to us and to our pets. We are so grateful to be able to count on Hooks Pet Clinic.

Kathy and Tommy Eskew

The very best veterinary clinic in the world! Awesome vet and vet technicians that will give your pet the very best care in the world!!!

Apache & Brad Sutherland

Hooks has always been wonderful to my sweet dog, Daisy. She visits every 6 weeks and loves to see Dr Haylee each time she comes in. From the front desk staff to Dr Haylee herself, they are all so patient and want nothing but the best for your pet.. they take their time with you and make sure they are able to help you in any way that they can. Dr Haylee is fantastic and is always so good to my sweet girl. Thank you, Dr Haylee and Hooks Pet Clinic, for making Daisy and I feel like part of your family every time we come in.

Jenn DeSantis

Hooks Pet Clinic will have my business for the rest of furever. After vet hopping and not finding the right fit, we finally came to Hooks and the difference in my animals’ care was tremendous. Every visit feels personal and none of my questions go unanswered. This team is so great, and I wouldn’t trust my babies with anyone else!

Maple, Rose, Cam, and Mo Man

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